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Lunch, Activities, Performers, Keynote Speaker


Raffle & Closing

*This program is subject to change.


Self Care workshop with Chevron

Throughout this pandemic we need now more than ever to make sure that we take care of ourselves. In this workshop we will identify what self care can look like for different individuals and practice various forms of healing.

Poetry Writing/Self Healing

Self expression through literature and poetry. We go over how we express ourselves through expressing our feelings and emotions through writing in order to overcome difficulties and become a better person as a whole.

Healthy Relationships/5 Love Languages

Join our Healthy Relationships workshop and learn about what it means to be in a healthy relationship with not only a romantic partner, but anyone! We will talk about the signs of an unhealthy relationship and gain tools to help you leave the toxic relationship, safely! Once you have found a healthy relationship to be in, let’s learn how you like to be loved. Learn about the Five Love Languages and be a better lover!

Cooking Workshop with Lawrence Festin

Learn how to make a delicious meal with this quick and easy recipe. Learning to cook is no longer a luxury but a necessity. With the increase in gas prices and the crazy increase in EVERYTHING, cooking at home is the way to go!


We all love to listen to music and in here you'll get a bunch of it! Come and join us for some jamming sessions and get a little free-styling going on!

Street Art workshop with SJ

This workshop will be catered to young culture keepers and lifelong learners dedicated to social transformation and equity in San Francisco. We will introduce the 5 elements of hip-hop and popular education through an abolitionist lens. Discussing the variety of engagement 5E has hosted through mural projects and coalition building for mutual aid and other operations working towards liberation. There will be an opportunity to exchange art and storytelling with peers so please be prepared to share!


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