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Self Care

Throughout this pandemic we need now more than ever to make sure that we take care of ourselves. In this workshop we will identify what self care can look like for different individuals and practice various forms of healing.

Financial Empowerment 

What are we taught about money? Depending on our families many of us receive very different messages. Join this workshop to learn about building wealth and how decision making and false narratives can impact you ultimate financial success. 

Plant Medicine 

Work with our community partners at Apothecary for the People to learn about how plants can provide you with healing, love and comfort. Learn about the medicinal properties of plants and how they can help you treat or cure illness and bring light and joy to your yard or home. 


When money is tight many youth and our families resort to eating unhealthy foods such as ramen noodles and fast food in order to make sure everyone has enough to eat. In this workshop we will learn how to cook delicious and nutritious foods without breaking the bank.

Sip & Paint 

A place for service providers, families and participants to come and ground themselves in art and community. Paint away your stress and enjoy our delicious house made alcohol free mocktails and make some new friends!


This workshop will be catered to young culture keepers and lifelong learners dedicated to social transformation and equity in San Francisco. We will introduce the 5 elements of hip-hop and popular education through an abolitionist lens. Discussing the variety of engagement 5E has hosted through mural projects and coalition building for mutual aid and other operations working towards liberation. There will be an opportunity to exchange art and storytelling with peers so please be prepared to share!